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PrepEASY at a glance with on-line UV/VIS.

As easy as 1-2-3 to do sample preparation on PrepEASY developed by Laboratory, Automation & Technology A/S. The instrument can do sample preparation as well as on-line sample injection on photometers. PrepEasy are comming in several variations in size and speed. An example is shown on the picture, to the right, the smallest model with scanning photometer, PC and software.
One of the benefits are that PrepEASY can use standard racks or racks from other instruments on it’s deck.

Dual beam UV/VIS with PrepEASY station.
Dual beam UV/VIS with PrepEASY station.

The smallest version are able to aspirate up to 5.000 µL of sample and/or diluent-1 or a combination of both and add a diluent-2 i.e. water at a speed of 120 tubes/h. The system can have one photometer attached.
Next version can run 240 tubes/h and have up to two Photometers attached to the same PrepEASY. Other versions can be supplied with speeds over 1.000 tubes/h with this setup 5.000 µL sample/diluent-1+ 5.000 µL diluent-2, if it is only inject to photometer are the limiting factors in speed often the photometers.
Due to PrepEASY’s compactness it is possible to stack the systems to save valuable bench space in the laboratory.
The software PrepEASY/SchedEASY is an easy to use WYSIWYG software that is able to handle any number of samples from one to a full deck or different tests at the same time.
Standard pump SX3 are able to aspirate and dispense as little as 1 µL and up to 10.000++ µL at a speed of 600 µL/s, it’s bigger brother starts at 5µL and up to 10.000 µL at a speed of 1.200 µL/s.
PrepEASY are delivered in several length to accomplis a bigger workload and walk away time:
70 cm, 100 cm, 150 cm & 200 cm, special models can be made up to 300 cm with up to 8 channels, except for 70 cm version.
Options like mixers, stirrer, heating, cooling, capping devices, robotic arm and many others are avaible.

Another benefit for PrepEASY are that both software and hardware are modular, so it is easy to change to do something completely different in the laboratory, if the requirements change over the years.
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