SYFT webinar. Fast and easy real-time MS analysis using SIFT-MS


With direct SIFT-MS, the need for sample preparation, pre-concentration and chromatography is eliminated.

Join us for a webinar on an exciting analysis method that enables you to gain knowledge of volatile samples in seconds.

The SIFT-MS technique (selected ion flow tube mass spectrometry) avoids chromatography, and collects mass spectrometric information in seconds.

You can acquire time-resolved analysis data or perform a large number of analyses within a short time compared with a more traditional chromatography-based approach.

The webinar will provide you with a number of examples of applications of the SYFT instrument. In addition, you will get an overview of the working principles, the benefits, and of some of the potential pitfalls.

Prior experience with mass spectrometry is preferred, but not essential.


  • What is the SIFT-MS technique?
  • How does SIFT-MS work?
  • Strengths and weaknesses of SIFT MS?
  • SIFT-MS compared to GC-MS.
  • Time-resolved pollution data
  • Mobile environmental analysis
  • Headspace automation

Date: Wednesday May 4th,   3 pm – 4 pm

Speaker: Allan Kim Ohlsson, MSCi

Language: English

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