Hands-on workshop with Compact Mass Spectrometer

Onsdag den 14. juni 2023 i perioden 9.30-18.00
Københavns Universitet, Kemisk Institut, Universitetsparken 5

Book en slottid, der passer dig hos moritz.bitzhenner@advion-interchim.com. Deltagelse er gratis.

We offer hands on experience with our Compact Mass Spectrometer and its special sample introduction techniques:

– Identification Mass Analysis of samples directly from a TLC plate in 30 s with the AIS Plate Express
– Direct injection ( of your compounds into the MS and analysis with APCI or ESI
– ASAP® direct probe for one touch APCI analysis of liquid and solid samples no sample preparation required

Ideal for reaction monitoring, compound ID & fast screening.
Feel free to bring your own samples for testing.

Please register for a time slot via moritz.bitzhenner@advion-interchim.com

Read more about Advion-Interchim Scientifics a family of compact mass spectrometers (CMS) designed for the chemist

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